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Mission:FIT The Gym

Mission:FIT have a 140 square metre gym facility on Alexandra Terrace, in the centre of Kilwinning, Ayrshire.

Our facility is carefully fitted with quality kit but compact and designed to maximise floor space that can be used for our guided sessions and open gym slots.

The gym relaxed safe space which will allow health and movement to be accessible & achievable for all through personal & group coaching, functional group sessions and community events.

THE Sessions

Our “guided session” are structured in a way to take care of all of your training needs regardless of your training experience, fitness levels or ability. With a varied timetable to offer training slots for you regardless of your work schedule, to a variety of sessions that work on specific areas of the body. This allows you to get the best from your training whilst being coached and motivated by our coaches in every session.

Our “open gym sessions” are a chance to use the facility to work on your own program outside of our structured timetable. This might be a great opportunity to work on areas of your body that you perhaps need additional attention. These will be manned by 1 or more of our coaches to offer additional support and guidance.

Gym credits available through our tiered memberships as well as our PAYG option (£5 per session). View all information on our app.


I personally think it’s our members and the huge variety of the clientele we have that keeps us sharp, relevant, relatable and reliable.

We are 3 diverse coaches with the same values and work ethos/ethic so the differentiation of helping and supporting people with an array of needs and requirements is something we have become very skilled at.

How much a person weighs is the least interesting fact about a person. At Mission:FIT we aren’t about being skinny or focusing on scale weight.

We get to know our clients on a more personal level and learn so much about what they enjoy both inside a training environment and away from the gym.

It’s about feeling your best while making really impactful yet sustainable changes to create a healthier lifestyle in all fronts (physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual).

We think health and fitness has helped us all fight demons and dark times so knowing we can help others by giving them a really positive and fun experience is something we absolutely love.

We aim to develop positive mindset, promote sensible training, and educate on simplified nutrition.

See Meet the Team page to find out more about our coaches


You guys are the backbone of everything we do. Serving the local community and delivering relatable. achievable & affordable solutions for wider issues of physical and mental health are what drives us to live our passion.

Check out our memberships, choose your level and come down to join the MISSION.

The Best Training

We love what we do. We promise you will get 100% of our training knowledge.

Qualified Instructors

Your plan will be backed by knowing we’re qualified and experienced.

Happy Members

We’re pretty sure you will be happy, but talk to us if you’re not.