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Meet the team

Hi everyone,

I’m Roy your head coach here at Mission:FIT.

I have 10 years in the industy and the experience and knowledge gained with working with thousands of clients has allowed me to become a very respectable and competent coach to pretty much every demographic.

My motto in life is never get too busy you forget to have fun or practice being grateful. Laughter and appreciation of the small things are the only consistent and free things we have that directly affect how we really enjoy life. “Things mean nothing without memories to remember”

I have loads going on like running two really busy businesses, a house, being a husband, a dog dad, a father to twins and all of the other amazing things (sometimes stressful) life gives me, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as manageable or enjoyable without my health both physically and mentally.

The message I want to be clear is that being healthy isn’t about fancy bullshit, comparing your life to anyone else’s, quick fixes, self hate and materialistic luxuries. It’s about putting you and your health at the top of your priority list and making it a non negotiable so that quality of the years you have on the earth are fun, full of energy, packed with opportunities.


Level 2 & 3 Personal Trainer
Deep Tissue Massage Therapist
BSc Hons in Sports Development



I’m Sean, one of your coaches here at Mission:FIT.

I’m fresh into the fitness industry and although I only qualified as a Personal Trainer in October 2021 I have a lot of personal experience from going through my own journey over the last few years.

Transforming my passion from a hobby to a career has been hands down the best decision I have made in my adult life. I made the move from part time Personal Trainer while working a full-time job to full time Personal Trainer in early 2022 and haven’t looked back.

As a coach I pride myself on working with a range of clients from those new to fitness to those who have experience but are looking for someone to give them an extra push and hold them accountable. Whether this be giving a little more attention to monitoring nutrition, movement, training or simply being held accountable.

By nature, I’m pretty laidback however my aim and something I pride myself on is bringing an element of fun and positive energy to each of my one-to-one client’s sessions, online client calls and within a group class environment. Yes, results and progress are important but having fun and enjoying the journey is just as, if not more important.

In my spare time when I am not in the gym I love to socialise and spend time with family and friends, get outdoors and climb Munros, enjoy new experiences, travel and see as much of the world as possible and I listen to music almost all day every day whilst appreciating the good things in life.

Qualifications: Level 3 Personal Trainer

Insurance: Insure4sport


I’m Nicki, one of the coaches here at MissionFIT.

Whilst I became fully qualified in 2021, health and fitness has been a staple in my life for close to 10 years. During this time I’ve developed a wealth of knowledge through my own journey which I’ve solidified with my formal qualifications.

I firmly believe Health, fitness and well being is achievable for all no matter your age, sex, fitness levels, time availability, financial position and dependents. My motto in life is “ you cannot pour from an empty cup” when you take time to replenish your own cup you can serve others fully with the overflow, an empty cup doesn’t serve anyone.

I work with a variety of clients with a plethora of different goals however the majority of these are females who are aiming to live a healthier, happier & fitter lifestyle and are juggling these goals with a busy work/family and social life and the added factor of fluctuating hormones. I work closely with each client to provide them with a sustainable plan that fits in with their individual circumstances that allows them to get the very best out of life whilst achieving their goals.

By nature I’m a very open person who loves to communicate and help people, whether that be by offering guidance or simply listening and supporting. I’m also pretty driven (some might say fiesty) and determined, when I’m on a mission there’s no one getting in my way.

When I’m not helping clients, you’ll find me running a busy family home, working two different roles, being a mum to my daughter, being a wife and dog mum, and living my very best life with family and friends either in the gym or out, exploring and getting as many different life experiences as possible. My life is crazy at times but I love it and it allows me to fully understand the challenges many of my clients face day to day and advise them on how to break those down and make the best of the opportunities open to them.

Level 2 & 3 Personal Trainer


Work with me:

1-2-1 & 2-2-1 PT and online coaching.

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