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Learn about fitness, reducing body fat, building muscle, mindset and health in short videos.

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It’s not about quick fixes, transformations happen from the neck up. Get your head right and the body follows.
The Mission:FIT Hub gives you instant access to over 200+ short videos on improving your health.

Our team at Mission:FIT work hard on helping our clients. We have reordered so many videos that can help you right now.

You want to watch our professionals talk about how to improve your mindset, how to not worry about the weekend of overindulging you just had, or how to get stronger and more resilient? Then you need the Mission:FIT Hub.

It’s packed full of over 200 videos on fitness, anatomy, recipes, nutrition, female health, mindset and habits. We’ve also got lots of explainer videos and “how to’s” if you’re heading to a gym as well as workouts so you’re not short on ideas to help you get a sweat or a pump on!

As if that isn’t enough you get full access to our daily morning *LIVE* workouts, our regular cook along Live’s with real chefs in their own kitchens, our live chats with nutritionists, and so much more through our Facebook groups.

What’s included

  • LIVE & On-demand classes daily
  • 300+ videos on everything fitness related
  • Fitness explainers & gym how-to’s
  • Pre recorded workout videos
  • Videos on anatomy and muscles
  • Female health & hormone treatment  – explained by qualified women!
  • Active Facebook group
  • Recipes, cooking skills videos, *LIVE* cook-a-longs with chefs!
  • Stretching, mobility & injury prevention videos
  • Mindset and habit videos to understand your habits
  • Regular live chats with external professionals…
  • …like nutritionists, our chefs, other fitness professionals, and mental health practitioners…
“Once you know, you can’t un-know”

This is the Mission:FIT philosophy. We deliver a service to each person that covers all facets of health. We help bridge the gap between physical, emotional and mental health by providing a level of education as to the benefits of nutritional quality and the importance of daily movement and recovery.

Life will always be a see-saw of balancing out what we know is important for health, and our adventurous, social side and we relate to this. We take it all seriously as we know flexibility is important to the success of everyone journey.

We don’t believe in “here’s a restricted meal plan and generic gym plan”, we don’t bamboozle, we don’t bullshit, we want to help those who join the Mission to become healthier versions of themselves.


There’s a few things you’ll develop as we go through the 6 week programme but here’s what we’ll guarantee will happen!

You'll learn from professionals. We don't talk the talk, we walk the walk. With hundreds of clients in our community you'll learn new things from day 1.
You'll be able to take action TODAY! You can login to your members area and start watching videos that you want to see NOW. We've also got pre-built workouts that you can watch immediately.
Why do you battle between being motivated and unmotivated? We'll help you understand with our habit and mindset videos and explain your feelings of self sabotage and help when you're struggling.
You'll develop your cooking skills with our recipes and live cook-a-longs, you'll develop your good habits and understand the bad ones and you'll develop your exercise skills. Level up your life!
What our members get

At Mission:FIT we’re here to help you make incremental changes to your life. Our six week challenge primarily focuses on changing attitudes to health and exercise in a short period of time but our Hub is a portal of knowledge to let you use in your own time

The Hub allows you to take steps in your own time – whether you want to binge on loads of our short videos or whether you just want to focus on one/two at a time.

You choose your speed. Maybe you just want the mindset, maybe you just want the workouts, maybe you’re hyped for the cookalongs and recipe stuff by our awesome chef partners…

We’ve made this so that it will suit you, your speed, your time, you don’t have to check in, you can watch during your lecture, or at 3am.

AND… as well as all this, we’ve got a great community in our Facebook group where we regularly chat to professionals about mental health, chat about food and nutrition, hold live cook-a-longs

AND… if you miss the live stuff, we record *everything* so that you can watch it when you want.

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